First Look at Disney's Live Action Cinderella Teaser Trailer Is Pure Magic!, 18 November 2014
By Karly Rayner
Thanks Lyn

After teasing us into the realms of torment with the now infamous glass slipper trailer, Disney has finally given us a glimpse of Cinderella and Prince Charming in the flesh!

Luckily, the brand new teaser trailer for the live action 'Cinderella' was totally worth the wait. With enchanting styling and sumptuous period surroundings, this movie really looks like it is going to do the romance and magic of the 1950s animated Cinderella justice, which is obviously no small feat!

And while this teaser only clocks in at a measly 15 seconds, there's enough magic here to put any Cinderella fan under its captivating spell!

Dream Dress. Literally
This wonderful dress looks like it is made of galaxies and dreams, which is totally the sort of thing a fairy godmother would give you. Especially if she happens to be Helena Bonham Carter!

Old Fashioned Glamour
When it comes to setting the scene, Cinderella hasn't scrimped on lavish surroundings, and the back of Ella's dress is just SO classic Disney.

Charmed, I'm Sure!
Okay, so Richard Madden wasn't the most obvious choice for Prince Charming (or, Kit as he is now known), but there is no denying that he embodies the quintessential clean cut handsomeness Disney fans are looking for.

You can view all 14 seconds of the official teaser trailer here.

A longer trailer will be released tomorrow (Wednesday the 18th) on 'Good Morning America' so keep your eyes open!

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