Marilyn Monroe Film Made at Maidenhead Airfield

BBC, 12 October 2010
By Robin Turner

The glamour of the 1950s came to White Waltham on Friday as Hollywood actors descended on the airfield.

'Dawson's Creek' actress Michelle Williams will play Marilyn Monroe in the film 'My Week with Marilyn', now in production at Pinewood Studios.

On Friday, White Waltham airfield near Maidenhead was transformed into a 1950s airport, to film Marilyn's arrival to the UK. Extras were dressed as 1950s air stewards and stewardesses.

1950s extras
Jim Munro, who is a member of the West London Aero Club at White Waltham, said the airfield had been taken over on Thursday and Friday.

"There was a huge encampment of marquees and luxury caravans. When I arrived there were a load of extras in 1950s outfits," he said. "Marilyn walked past me at close range."

The movie is filming in Pinewood Studios and the cast and crew took over White Waltham airfield to recreate the moment when Marilyn arrives at Heathrow in 1956.

The movie is based on Colin Clark's diaries about Marilyn Monroe's time in London shooting the Laurence Olivier film 'The Prince and the Showgirl'. It chronicles a week in the life of Marilyn as she leaves Hollywood behind and to spend time in Britain. He included tales about skinny-dipping with her in the Thames and taking her to visit his godfather, Laurence Olivier, at Windsor Castle. Clark was assigned by Olivier to keep an eye on Marilyn, and had to stay with her every day.

The film also features Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, Mamma Mia star Dominic Cooper and Kenneth Branagh as Laurence Olivier.

Mr Munro said White Waltham had a great atmosphere. "It's the best flying club in Britain," he said.

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