Star-S Remake of 'Murder On The Orient Express'
Branagh. Depp. Dench. Dafoe. Cruz. Pfeiffer. Oh boy!

Esquire, 6 June 2017
By Matthew Priest

Alongside being purveyors of good taste, sharp wit, and impeccible style, the team here at Esquire Middle East all happen to be bonded together by a passion for Agatha Christie novels. That is why -- as with the mention of any new remake -- we raised a nervous collective eyebrow to the news that Twentieth Century Fox were releasing a new film adaptation of the author's famous Hercule Poirot mystery, Murder On The Orient Express, this coming November 10.

While our emotions ranged from cautious, to cynical, to clinically depressed, the release of the film's official first trailer has lightened the mood considerably.

  Directed by British national treasure Sir Kenneth Branagh, the film's producers have enlisted an all-mighty star cast including the likes of Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, Daisy Ridley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Josh Gadd and Willem Dafoe. Oh, and Sir Kenneth has also managed to snag himself the coveted leading role of the little Belgian detective.

While a first look of the trailer shows a brooding an ominous atmosphere setting up the whodunit plot rather well, our eyebrow still remains slightly raised by the choice of music and the state of Hercule Poirot's new moustache.


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