Kirk's Dad Auditions For Thor, 4 May 2009
By Katey Rich

It's been a while since we had any rumors about who Kenneth Branagh might be casting as Thor, so let's start another one! To be fair, this latest one isn't a rumor, but it's also not a set casting notice. Movieline recently talked to Star Trek actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays Kirk's dad in a prologue to the film. The Australian has two brothers who are also in the acting buiness, and apparently there are two Hemsworths up for the part of Thor.

"Kenneth Branagh asked [Liam Hemsworth] to test for Thor. So he came over here and tested for that, and itís great to have him here," Hemsworth said. When asked if he and his brother, who also had a role in Knowing, are often up for the same roles, Chris responded "Absolutely, yeah. Iím reading on Thor next week!"

This news tells us two things, and no, neither of them are that the Hemsworth siblings will both be playing Thor (though that might be cool). One, Branagh is still auditioning people, so we're probably a long way off from a pick. And two, this role is apparently up to every blond-haired, blue-eyed actor in the world-- so unknowns, get going! Don't let those god-given Nordic looks go to waste!

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