Excerpted from : Kat Dennings Exclusive Interview - Talks DEFENDOR, THOR, Twitter, DAYDREAM NATION, More

Collider.com, 1 March 2010
By Matt Goldberg

Thor references excerpted from a longer article.

Indeed. So I was wondering, did you ever think you were going to be involved in MarvelísÖ.one of Marvelís biggest super hero movies with Thor?

DENNINGS: No. I mean I had hoped. I mean itís the kind of thing as a little kid that you want to do, you know? I mean my brother had all those comic books and he had action figures and I grew up with that stuff. So yeah, itís almost like wanting to be a Princess. Itís like you want to be a superhero, too. Itís incredible. Itís such a dream. I really canít believe Iím in this movie. Iím so excited. Iíve been thinking about it. Itís almost like when little kids know theyíre going to Disneyland and they get really excited and start counting the days. Thatís how I am.

So, I mean I know filming has started but have you shot your scenes yet or is that still coming up?

DENNINGS: No. All my stuff is towards the end, yeah, towards the end of the shoot.


DENNINGS: Yeah no, I just canít wait. Everytime... I remember when I had fittings like before I left I had a bunch of fittings and a bunch of hair and makeup tests and I was so excited. I would wake up like an hour or two early. Because I mean itís Kenneth Brannagh [sic] man. I mean he is one of the greats. One of the legends.

Absolutely. You can only really think of him with something...  Thor is so different and getting the guy who directed Hamlet.

DENNINGS: Yeah. I mean, itís such an incredible idea. I mean he is theÖfirst of all besides being obviously one of the greatest living actors, heís the nicest man. The nicest, most wonderful man. Iím just so excited. Iím like everybody.

So I take it, are you a comic book geek?

DENNINGS: Yeah, totally. Totally, yes, yes, yes.

Have you sort of... is your character in the comics?

DENNINGS: No. Sheís not. Sheís a new invention. Yeah.

Okay. I believe I read, and correct me if Iím wrong, that your character is a friend of Natalie Portmanís character?

DENNINGS: Yeah. Yeah. I donít know how much I can say.

Okay. Are you actually a god in the film?

DENNINGS: I canít tell you...

Canít tell me? Canít tell me anything? Okay.

DENNINGS: No, I canít tell you.

Thatís fine. Are you prepared to go to Comic-Con with this movie?

DENNINGS: Oh God. If they need me to go, Iíll go. I donít know if Iím going to have to go but if theyÖbelieve me I will do anything. I will follow Thor anywhere.

Excellent. Excellent.

DENNINGS: I hear Comic-Con is crazy.

Itís absolutely insane. I went last year and the ďIron ManĒ panel alone was just insane.


Just one of the craziest moments ever.

DENNINGS: I can only imagine.

Yeah. So, is Thor going to be, do you know if itís going to be a long shoot? I mean when are you planning to shoot and are you doing any movies in between?

DENNINGS: I just didÖthey started shooting in January, I believe. And I did a filmÖI just got back from doing another one. So yeah, I did one in between, but I am... yeah Thor is a very long shoot, but again, it has to be a long shoot. Itís an epic.

Right. Have you seen sort of any of the costumes or anything because a lot of people are wondering, you know, this one is so different from ďIron ManĒ or even ďCaptain AmericaĒ because itís taking place between two different worlds? Itís sort of like a weird mix of ďLord of the RingsĒ and ďSpidermanĒ almost. At least thatís what it seems like from the plot synopsis.

DENNINGS: I donít know, you know? Iíve seen some amazing, amazing things. And listen believe me, Iíve been where you are and wanting to know stuff because, you know, itís Thor. Itís part of all of our childhood. But the thing is, I signed maybe 25 confidentiality agreements about this kind of thing.

Right, right. Okay.

DENNINGS: So I understand and I feel your pain, but I canít tell you anything.

No, no I donít want to press you on that. I definitely know theyíre trying to keep it under wraps and I think you kind of have to.

DENNINGS: Listen to me, listen to me. Itís going to be worth every moment of waiting. I promise.

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