Marvel Presentation From Movie Con
Marvel's teaser footage of Thor, Captain America and The Avengers gets a second showing this weekend at Movie Con in London, 14 August 2010
By DogsOfWar

The third annual Movie Con event is under way in Southbank, London this weekend. Marvel Studios was there to give another showing of the same footage provided at Comic-Con last month. A few new details and possible tip to who's appearing in The Avengers have emerged.

Since Captain America was shooting Kevin Feige was the sole presenter for that piece and spoke of Cap's core value along with casting Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull:

“If it was just about honour for two hours, that might be boring, but this guy wants to be part of the struggle, and he keeps getting turned away but he’s got tenacity and he’s not willing to give up. He says ‘I can do this all day’ at one point when he’s scrawny and again later, because however he looks he won’t give up the fight.”

“Hugo was the only choice for us. Joe knew him from The Wolfman and we’ve wanted to work with him for a while. By the way, they’re all filming today or they’d be here. He’s the most famous supervillain we’ve got, and bringing someone to him with Hugo’s skill is amazing. It’ll be some make-up and some CGI to make him look the part, but that’s coming together at the moment."

The 'Thor' footage was followed by a discussion from Kevin Feige who was joined by Kenneth Branagh and Tom Hiddleston. Here are some of the highlights:

Kenneth Branagh: “We’ve been here this week working on the latest cut of 'Thor' with Kevin Feige, head of Marvel. Our place was to start with trying to understand what die-hard fans would like, but to try to make the film available for people who didn’t know the comics, and not compromise either, which is an incredible challenge. For me it was about the thrill of working on a massive canvas like this, and try to give people the experience of what it might be like to be a Norse god of thunder. One of the things is that you get intrigued by is the humanity of gods, and how much they’re like us. That might sound like nonsense on a Saturday morning, but that’s what we’ve gone for.”

Tom Hiddleston: “I think there are some moments when he’s evil on the outside as well as the inside. I just thought in terms of, what is evil? I don’t think Loki starts out as pitch-black evil; he’s a troubled soul. He’s younger brother, the unheard voice in the family at Asgard, and he wants to claim his own place in the pantheon. His ambition is an ambiguous thing, he’s wrestling with demons. You don’t play evil, you play what he wants. He wants the love of his parents, he wants respect. The more obstacles in his way, the deeper he goes into a darkness from which he can never return."

Kevin Feige then weighed in on a few topics, most notably stating that Donald Blake was not in the movie because “We didn’t want to have two actors playing Thor in one film – even Stan and Jack had to drop that..."

He also touched on how the movie version of 'Thor' has developed over the years: “In one version he was exiled to Earth in the Viking era. That was before we were our own studio, and the problem we had with it was that the back-and-forth, the dichotomy between worlds wasn’t as apparent. The fun of the comics is that he comes to this Earth in the present day.”

The last piece of footage shown was the 'Avengers' teaser trailer. Feige was asked if Loki will turn up in 'The Avengers' like he did in the original comic book: “Well, the great thing is that anybody we have the rights to could turn up. But that is a character at our disposal."

According to Bleeding Cool who was present at the panel claimed: "Well, he’ll get in 'The Avengers' too I suppose, though they were careful not to actual confirm that... But the tone, expression and body language was screaming 'Yes! He’s in 'The Avengers'.”

The Marvel Studios presentation ended with a taped video message from director Joss Whedon thanking the fans, saying he was still working on the story and promising it’s going to be spectacular.

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