Actor Stellan Skarsgård Briefly Talks Thor
The Swedish Star, Stellan Skarsgard speaks with EXTRA on family, and briefly on filming Marvel's Thor. Check it Out!, 15 May 2010

Obviously with word from some of the stars of Marvel's 'Thor', including Thor himself 'Chris Hemsworth', filming for the Norse adaption has finished, and moved to post-production involving feeling in the CGI, and basically bringing everything together for the big screen.

Now one of the film's quiet stars, whose role has yet to be revealed, Stellan Skarsgard speaks with Swedish site, EXTRA.

Mostly about his family, but manages to speak briefly on filming Thor, and confirming his finish as well. Note that this was translated to English, so everything posted might not be exactly what was said, but I'm sure it's pretty close.

When Extra hits him, he just returned from USA where he recorded the hit movie "Thor" in the desert of Santa Fe. "Cold as hell it was, but very fun. Kenneth Branagh (director, editor's note) is incredibly funny, you laugh as you cry during the shooting. And Natalie (Portman, ridden note) is so incredibly good. And smart. Too bad she is a vegan only." He includes:"I take the family on the recordings(filming) as often as possible."

DCMF: Skarsgard's role on the sometimes unreliable, IMDB, claims to be, Selvig. And with latest reports & with what Stellan had to say about Natalie Portman, his character must be on earth, opposite of the Asgardians.

Marvel has yet to officially confirm concluding filming for 'Thor', so like the process of 'Iron Man 2', there may be a couple of reshoots. But everything will end in time to see the Norse god on the big screen, May 6th 2011, 12 months from now.

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