More "Tweets" From Stan Lee On Thor!
In a series of humorous messages via his Twitter page the legendary comic book writer has shared more of his thoughts on the upcoming Marvel Studios' Thor..., 26 May 2010

Yesterday, Stan Lee took the time to tell his Twitter fans just a few of the reasons why they should think about checking out the next big Marvel movie: Thor! Check them out below and have your say in the usual place!

Now that Iron Man II has blown the public away and you think nothing can top it - wait’ll you see the mighty Thor! Let’s talk about it -

How many superhero movies do you know that have been directed by one of the greatest Shakespearian actors and directors of our time?

We have the awesomely talented Kenneth Branagh, known for his Hamlet, Henry V and many other Shakespearian triumphs, at the helm of Thor!

Suddenly, under Ken Branagh’s brilliant direction, Marvel’s comic book superhero Thor attains the status of a modern cinematic classic!

Best of all, the indescribably great Anthony Hopkins is Odin! Of course, it’s the role I was born to play, but hey - Anthony Hopkins!

Wait’ll you see my Thor cameo! I suspect I get those cameos as consolation prizes ‘cause the juicy roles go to others, but what the hey!

Thor probably won’t be in theaters till next May, but I wanted to be sure I alerted you, Or, to paraphrase All-Father Odin - Excelsior!

Thor is set to come thundering into a theatre near you on May 20, 2011!

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