Director Kenneth Branagh Talks Thor
While taking a short break from the 'Thor' movie set, Kenneth Branagh answered a few questions about his experiences in the worlds of acting and directing; inevitably, the God of Thunder was brought up..., 9 May 2010  (Listen to the interview online here)

During a recent Q & A with Kenneth Branagh, the critically acclaimed actor and director was asked what kind of research he did to prepare himself to helm Marvel Studios' comic book adaptation Thor and what he feels about the tone of the film.

"Well, you realize of course that if I told you this I would have to kill you [laughs].. I have to be a bit tediously diplomatic about it because it is a work still in progress, but I can answer the first part. Thor from the Marvel comics, you'll know better than me, I think started in 1961-62 and there have been vast changes in the way the character has been presented. Marvel raided, in a brilliant way, the Norse sagas.. and so my research has been to acquaint myself with both things; the Norse myths and all of the Marvel comics, basically.

"My reading on a daily basis is literature from 870 AD and Jack Kirby and Stan Lee circa '67 as well.. And maybe that heads towards a tone that, we're discovering, honors both of those sources."

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