Kenneth Branagh Talks Thor And Teases The Future Of Donald Blake!
The director discusses the decision to place Thor on Earth rather than in the Viking period, shares his thoughts about how the movie has come together and drops some hints about the future of Don Blake... , 13 March 2011
By Josh Wilding

On How He Prepared To Take On A Movie Like Thor:
They didn't want anybody coming in just slightly steering the ship, and that's ballsy of them. Certainly Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr, they just let them run with it on "Iron Man". We took about three months of dancing around each other asking, 'How does this work? How do we arrive at decisions?' It feels as though this is as much a picture of mine as any of the other pictures I've directed.

On The Original Plans To Make The Movie Set In Viking Times:
I didn't want to do that. I wanted it to have a contemporary Earth quality - at the very least you'd get some funny fish-out-of-water possibilities of Thor visiting Earth.

On The The Difference To The Comic Books And Possible Movie Future Of Donald Blake:
I haven't absolutely dispensed with it! But...we futz with it. When you have 50 years of comics and thousands of years of myths, both of them doubling back on themselves left, right and center, you keep doors open. You can't help thinking about ways in which storylines might develop in the future.

On Why He Thinks Thor Will Succeed:
Here's what I'm confident about. Every single day, I'm seeing the visual effects cooking, things that three years ago was a concept drawing, a conversation, 50 meetings. So I'm confident that great work has been done by that team, I'm confident that the performances are all extremely compelling. I'm confident that we found a way for it to be funny and that it wears itself pretty lightly...I'm confident that we've tried very hard! The signs are that we might have something.

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