Michael Straczynski's Cameo in THOR Revealed!
The Legendary comic writer, Joe Michael Straczynski, not only confirms his cameo in Marvel's upcoming THOR, but also describes what he does in the cameo. Check it Out!

Comicbookmovie.com, 15 October 2010
By DCMarvelFreshman

Courtesy of my buddy RealIronMan from SpiderMedia, the cameo of the legendary "Thor" comics writer, Joe Michael Straczynyski, in Marvel Studios' much-anticipated THOR has been revealed. Straczynski announced that he was initially just going to do a walk-on role, similar to writers and artists in almost every Marvel movie, but when he showed up director Kenneth Branagh...

“decided I could act. Despite all evidence to the contrary!”. The role involves a man driving down the road. He see Thor’s hammer land and goes to check it, trying to pull it from the earth. When he can’t lift it, he calls his buddies and gets them all to come help him try to wench it out, similar to what happened at the start of Straczynski’s “Thor” run. He then declares, “I’ve vanished into my own narrative!”.

If you didn't notice, a portion of Straczynyski's cameo was seen in a special feature on the 'Iron Man' 2 blu-ray, centered on the making of the after-credits sequence. And If I may recall, Stan Lee's rumored cameo involved The Army attempting to remove Thor's hammer but can’t. And eventually they decide to bring in a truck to help, where they tie Thor’s hammer to the back of the truck with chains hoping to pull it out. The truck driver accelerates to pull the Hammer. The back half of the truck falls apart from the front and the front keeps going. Finally, there’s a focus on the driver revealing to be Comic Legion Stan Lee.

So it seems the whole sequence of the attempts to lift Thor's mighty hammer will include these legendary writers' cameos, don't you think?
The film anyhow, storms into theaters May 6, 2011 in 3D.

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