Adriana Barraza Cut From THOR's Final Product!, 30 March 2011
By ckirk8

I came across an article (in Spanish) explaining that Academy Award-nominated actress Adriana Barraza's role - Isabel Alvarez - in Kenneth Branagh's THOR has actually been cut out from the final product. Google Translated, words may not be entirely clear, but understandable. Here is the translation below:

Adriana Barraza sat out the final assembly of Thor, made by the director Kenneth Branagh, [who] sent a letter of apology [from] his representative. The letter explained the reasons for the cut in the editing room and that [Branagh] was interested in returning to work with her in the future.

"I'm sorry, yes, because the film is very good, and because it alternated with tremendous actors that I admire very much but, well, I have clear that this is the cinema, which will be neither the first nor the last time a Scenes are cut," said the actress.

Her "Isabel Alvarez" role involved owning the cafe she frequents the protagonist in his alter ego as a mortal. In the trailer for the film, she can be seen a part of a scene that takes place in the premises."

So from the translation, it appears that Kenneth Branagh decided to not use footage with Barraza and wrote an apology letter to her. It also seems that her role was the owner of that cafe where we see Thor smash that coffee mug.

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