Kat Dennings Talks Thor And Defendor
The beautiful Kat Dennings had some interesting things to say about her TWO current CBM rolls

Comicbookmovie.com, 26 February 2010
By Hawksblueyes

Kat Dennings who will play Darcy in "Thor" and Katerina Debrofkowitz in "Defendor" recently sat down with Chase Whale of Gordon And The Whale.com for an interview. Check out what she had to say.

CW: Youíve talked about how DEFENDOR is kind of a f*cked up character study/comic book movie. Youíre doing THOR, what was it like working in the same genre but at two completely different ends?

KD: Polar opposites. I actually havenít started filming my part of THOR yet. So the fun is still to be had for me. But yeah, itís a complete disconnect. Itís like, one you have a very small budget, a 20 day shoot, kind of very intense, cold, sad beautiful small film. And then you have a huge epic explosion of gorgeous worlds and all this legend and Kenneth Branagh and Anthony Hopkins! [laughs] I donít know, they couldnít be more different. I canít wait to feel how that feels. I really canít wait to experience that. All the rehearsal we had for THOR, the fittings, everything! Iím so excited. Itís like waiting for Christmas.

CW: It must be really cool to be in two comic book movies that both have their own charms.

KD: Yeah! For different reasons. But essentially, every hero has the same appeal. Your hero is supposed to have an honest soul and truth, purity and justice. Obviously THOR is Thor. And Chris Hemsworth, I mean honestly, itís pretty daunting just talking the way Thor talks and Chris, the second he opened his mouth I almost passed out. Heís just so perfect. Obviously heís a physically beautiful person but you just buy every word he says. You completely believe him, heís got this amazing quality about him. And Woody playing Defendor couldnít be more honest or more truthful and justice is his thing. So essentially heroes are all the same, except for like, Tony Stark, whoís kind of a dick [laughs].

They do sound like completely different beasts to me.

It also sounds to me like Thor could speak in Old English contrary to earlier reports.

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