Kenneth Branagh Interested By Thor Story, 25 October 2010

Kenneth Branagh has admitted that it was the story of Thor that drew him to the project rather than the chance to tackle a big budget comic book blockbuster.

The actor turned director is at the helm of the latest Marvel comic adaptation as 'Thor' is all set to hit the big screen next summer. And while it was a chance to tackle a comic book adaptation it was the story and the family complexities that really pulled in Branagh.

Speaking to Empire magazine the filmmaker said: "Well, it was Thor itself, rather than an urge to tackle comics per se. I Have a very clear memory of seeing the comic on a shelf as a child in Belfast.

"I had this image of Thor: a big, primitive man, with something of a Viking licence about him, and a space traveller who moves between world. I thought it could be a pretty exhilarating film and I wondered if I would be good at it.

"I read the script and saw an epic adventure with, at the centre, human dynamics - which for me is what really works in comics.

"I looked at the relationships and saw brothers, mother, father and sons: the tight royal circle. When you get down to it, this is pure Shakespeare: itís a drama about familial problems concerning those who possess great power."

Thor is the first movie that Branagh has directed since 'Sleuth' back in 2007 but his year he returned to TV with 'Wallander'.

He is currently working on 'My Week With Marilyn', which also stars Michelle Williams, as he takes on the role of Sir Laurence Olivier.

Thor is released 20th May.

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