Chris Hemsworth & Tom Hiddleston on Fighting in Marvel's 'Thor'

First Showing, 12 January 2011
By Ethan Anderton

We're almost two weeks into 2011 and that means we're that much closer to the May 6th release of Marvel Studios' anticipated adaptation of 'Thor'. After that first spectacular trailer and a couple of cool posters, I'm hoping that Marvel doesn't decide to show too much more for giving away the finer points of the promising-looking comic book flick. However, I'm definitely interested in hearing some of Thor's lead actors talk about the action on set. Thankfully, SFX Magazine (via ComicBookMovie) just talked with the film's hero, Chris Hemsworth, and villain Tom Hiddleston, where they opened up a bit about fighting on the blockbuster.

The God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, talked about putting on some muscle and creating a fighting style and physical demeanor to unique to this Thor. The actor elaborated:

"I had to put on about 20 pounds for the film. and I've lost most of that since I stopped shooting. It was such an effort to keep it on. Then, yeah, we did a lot of stunt training about how [Thor] moved and him as a character, and the more you work out physically how he moves helps with your dialogue scenes and vice versa, so it's an ongoing process. Thor's movement is closely linked to Mjolnir, his legendary war hammer. He spins it and throws it and it flies and comes back. Working out how to use that as a weapon practically and its advantages and disadvantages, and then developing the style of how he fights and the body positions that he has in the comic books and trying to use some of them. It was great!"

As for Tom Hiddleston, the man behind the mischievous villain and Thor's brother Loki, he also opened up about some of his training and the fighting style he tried to develop for his character. Tom explains:

"I did a lot of training, actually, which is less visible than it is in the size of his arms [laughs]. [Director Kenneth Branagh] asked for me to be very lean and very strong at the same time, and he wanted me to develop a fighting style. I don't know if you know the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, but it was something like that. I felt like if Thor was a big rock, Loki was like the wind, and he would dance around this sturdy block of granite. So I developed a kind of fighting style that was much more balletic, a kind of lethal dance."

It should definitely be interesting to see how the different fighting styles of Thor and Loki contrast and hopefully clash against each other when the film hits theaters at the beginning of the summer blockbuster season. If that trailer is any indicator, this should be quite a clash of the titans, and Kenneth Branagh may be the next bad-ass blockbuster director on the scene. The talent he's amassed and the passion they've put into making it as accurate to the comic yet edgy for today is fantastic. It should be a fun way to kick off the summer. But until then, we'll just have wait patiently until Thor hits theaters on May 6th of this year.

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