One Less Thor Contender?
True Blood Star Thinks that Viking Ship Has Sailed., 17 April 2009
By Jim Vejvoda

Despite being a dead ringer for the title role in 'Thor', it looks like Alexander Skarsgård won't be wielding Mjolnir on-screen after all.

E! Online caught up with the 'True Blood' actor at the Paley Center for Media's 25th Annual TV Festival Monday night where he advised them that he believes he is no longer a candidate to play the lead in the Marvel movie.

Skarsgård met with 'Thor' director Kenneth Branagh about the role and was reportedly a leading contender for the part, but that is apparently as far as it went for the Swedish actor. When asked about the possibility of playing the god of thunder, Skarsgård replied, "No, I don't think so. I haven't gotten the call, so..."

Although Marvel is reportedly interested in Josh Hartnett to play either Thor or Loki, Skarsgård was among a group of relatively unknown foreign actors -- including 'Sons of Anarchy' star Charlie Hunnam, Tom Hiddleston, Liam Hemsworth, and Joel Kinnaman -- who had screen-tested for the film.

Skarsgård isn't the only actor who has ruled himself out of landing the role. 'G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra' star Channing Tatum recently said that he thinks he's out of the running because the filmmakers are "looking for someone more Nordic-looking."

Tell that to Alexander Skarsgård.

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