How Thor Came to Earth
Plus, Director Branagh to Reportedly Act in Marvel Film As Well, 2 January 2009
By Jim Vejvoda

One of the big questions about how Marvel's God of Thunder would make his transition from the 'Thor' movie to 'The Avengers' has reportedly been answered.

According to IESB, rumor has it that "the character of Donald Blake has been added to the end of the script. Let me reiterate that he wasn't there before, the script was set entirely in the land of the Norse Gods. The introduction of the character is essential to how Marvel will tie 'Thor' into the 'Avengers' that is set in contemporary Tony Stark/Hulk time-frame. It explains how the actual 'Thor' film will be set in the ancient time of the Norse Gods and how they will subsequently bring the character into a modern time with Donald Blake discovering the magical Norse hammer Mjolnir and turning into Thor."

Marvel reminds us of the comic book history of the character of Dr. Donald Blake: "Thor chased a monster into the land of the Frost Giants, a breech of protocol that nearly sparked a war in all of Asgard. Odin had to teach Thor a lesson. He created a mortal body for him, one with a lame leg, and sent Thor, stripped of his powers and memories, to Earth. Thor arrived on the campus of New York State College of Medicine as Donald Blake. Blake proved to be the humble and patient man Odin had hoped for. He eventually graduated with top honors, gained a reputation as a caring family doctor and a brilliant surgeon, and opened a private practice in New York City. His nurse, Jane Foster, was equally caring and competent, and the two began to fall in love."

IESB adds that, in addition to directing 'Thor', Kenneth Branagh will play an unspecified supporting role in the film as well. Branagh previously acted and directed in films such as 'Henry V', 'Hamlet', 'Dead Again', and 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

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