More From Stan Lee On His 'Thor' Cameo And Kenneth Branagh, 11 December 2009
By Rick Marshall

It seems like comics icon Stan Lee and I have been chatting every other week lately about one project or another and as someone who learned to read with Lee's "Amazing Spider-Man" comics, that's certainly not a bad thing.

In my latest chat with the co-creator of "Peter Parker", the "X-Men", "Hulk" and so many other characters, we discussed his recent comments confirming that he'll have a role in Marvel's upcoming "Thor" movie directed by Kenneth Branagh. After heaping praise on Branagh, Lee offered up some thoughts on what his role might be and why there's some good and bad elements of the cameo confirmation.

"I have absolutely no idea," said Lee of when we might know who he'll play in the film, "but [Branagh] told me that he has a good, small cameo."

"I loved the word 'good,' [but] I wished he hadn't used the word 'small,'" he laughed.

"I figure I'll be carrying a spear," added Lee. "There will be a lot of guys marching somewhere and if you look closely, one of them will be me if I can lift it."

Lee also offered up no small amount of praise for the "Thor" director, and explained why Branagh is the perfect choice to bring Marvel's God of Thunder to the big screen.

"Kenneth Branagh, he is the greatest guy," said Lee. "I think they are so lucky they got him to direct 'Thor.' ... He's Shakespearean, he's acted, he's written and he's directed Shakespearean plays and movies, and all of a sudden we get him to do 'Thor,' which should have an old classical feeling to it, you know? I think it's just going to be the greatest movie under him."

However, Lee joked that while he's thrilled with the casting for "Thor" thus far, there's at least one role he's a bit surprised not to have been considered for.

"The cast [Branagh] has assembled, with Anthony Hopkins playing Odin I should be jealous because, of course, I was the logical person to play the role, but sometimes they can't see the forest for the trees," he laughed.

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