'Thor' Roundup: Fat Suits And Praise As The Cast Reports From The Set

MTV.com, 13 January 2010
By Blair Marnell

Following the first day of filming on director Kenneth Branagh’s long awaited “Thor” adaptation, several of the cast members are already enthusiastically talking about their experiences on the set. Ray Stevenson was particularly boisterous when speaking about his role as Volstagg — the powerful and rather obese member of the Warriors Three — during the premiere for “The Book of Eli”

“Oh, I've got a huge fat suit, I'm going to be shedding a lot of pounds in that thing,” said Stevenson during an interview with About.com. “It's just great fun and Kenneth Branagh is fantastic!” Stevenson also spoke at length about the mythology and tone of the movie.

“It's basically the ‘Thor’ comic book.,” related Stevenson. “It's definitely the Marvel comic book. The origins of the Norse legends. What is actually behind the Norse legends is what's explored in the Marvel comic book. The existence of Asgard and the Nine Realms. It's more in the high realms of intergalactic space and planets. It's very exciting!”

“[It’s] epic,” continued Stevenson. “There are visits to Earth as well, with the wonderful Stellan Skarsgard and Natalie Portman. But the presence of gods, or the previous presence of gods... It's a great, great film. The sort of film you want to see as a kid. You come out [saying] 'Oh my god, flight of fantasy here we go!' It's that escapism again, and Marvel and Disney are putting their weight behind it; putting a lot of money behind it. It's the first day of filming. It couldn't be more exciting.”

Stevenson also spoke about his previous experience working with Branagh during the film “The Theory of Flight” in 1998.

“I loved [working with him] then,” recalled Stevenson. “I got the call out of the blue for [‘Thor’] and was completely blown away by it and just jumped at the chance to work with him again. And I'm so pleased that I did!”

Elsewhere on the internet, actress Jaimie Alexander — who has spoken out extensively about her experiences during the “Thor” rehearsals — singled out Stevenson in a post on Twitter.

“Ray Stevenson is the best thing since sliced bread. Having a jolly good time here in Asgard!”

Alexander also mentioned that she met “Iron Man 2” director Jon Favreau on the set and described him as a "freakin' bad ass."

Kat Dennings also posted a brief update about her first day of shooting.

"First day off filming and I'm already staggering around my hotel room shirtless and dazed like a homeless man"

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