Actor Joseph Gatt Confirmed As 'Thor' Villain, 14 January 2010
By Blair Marnell

Last month, actor and motion-capture artist Joseph Gatt caused a stir when he revealed that he had been cast in director Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor.” Now that the film is in full production, Gatt has confirmed that he will be portraying a villain within the movie.

“Marvel [is] really into secrecy and protecting their scripts and characters, so there’s not much I can say except that I’m playing a bad guy with a lot of action,” said Gatt during an interview with Screen Rant. While Gatt withheld the specifics of his part, he also hinted that his character would give Chris Hemsworth’s Thor “a lot of grief.”

Given Gatt’s physical similarities to one of Thor’s long time adversaries, popular speculation is that he will portray Skurge, the Executioner — a longtime ally of Thor’s brother Loki and the Enchantress.

Gatt also spoke briefly about his costume and his impressions of the film’s recreation of Asgard.

“My costume is awesome and I get some seriously mean weapons! The sets are huge and truly beautiful, some of the best I’ve ever seen. All the characters have amazing costumes. The designers have done an extraordinary job at maintaining the traditional Marvel looks all the fans are expecting, but adding their own new style.”

“Thor” is set to be released on May 6, 2011.

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