EXCLUSIVE: Stan Lee On His 'Thor' Cameo And Meeting With Kenneth Branagh

MTV.com, 18 November 2009
By Rick Marshall

Last week, I talked to one of comics greatest living legends, Stan Lee, about his arrival on the Twitter scene and why it makes him feel like he's writing his "Stan's Soapbox" column again. While Lee had some fun stuff to say about the world of micro-blogging, I also had to ask him about a few other things on comics fans' minds these days ó namely, whether he'll be making the expected cameos in future Marvel movies.

"I had lunch with Branagh, [who's] the nicest guy in the world as well as the most talented," Lee told MTV News when asked if he's been contacted about a "Thor" cameo yet. "Months ago, when he was first starting on the movie, he said he would get a cameo for me."

While the details regarding Lee's cameo in "Iron Man 2" have already gone public, what role he'll play in the God of Thunder's big-screen debut is far less certain at this point, even for Lee ó but the co-creator of Spider-Man, the X-Men and countless other characters isn't complaining.

"I havenít heard from him since, [but] I think he has more important things to think of at the moment with the movie ó like who heís casting in it and how heís going to film it," said Lee. "But Iím sure theyíll have something for me."

Even so, Lee said he was a bit disappointed that the part he was really hoping to play had already been cast.

"When we had lunch, I was sure he had asked me to lunch because he wanted me to play Odin, but it was a big disappointment," he laughed. "I figure Iíll end up carrying his spear."

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