Thor Screenwriter Says Movie Version Will Be "Close" to the Comic Version, 14 January 2010

Comic book fans can be some of the most relentless critics of movies that attempt to adapt the adventures of the heroes and villains that they have grown to love. A perfect example of this is Joel Schumacher's almost universally-maligned 'Batman & Robin'. The demise of the original Batman franchise is often attributed to this feature and its screenwriter, Akiva Goldsman, is still answering for it even after penning movies as acclaimed as 'A Beautiful Mind'.

With that in mind, it's no wonder that screenwriter Ashley Edward Miller has attempted to assure comic book fans during a recent interview with Alpha Waves Radio that the Thor they will see in director Kenneth Branagh's live-action 'Thor' movie will be true to his comic origins.

It's about as close as you can reasonably expect it to be [to the comic version]. Obviously, you have to make some adjustments, and you have to compress some things simply for the sake of being able to get a lot of information out and being able to create a believable fantasy world that intersects with ours.

Look at Batman Begins for example. It does actually play fast and loose with the history of the character, but at the same time, it brings in real cool elements from different interpretations of the character and puts them all together in cool ways.

Thor went into production just last week, amidst a controversy over the loss of Stuart Townsend in a supporting role. The release date of the movie has been moved up two weeks to take advantage of the prime moviegoing slot left vacant by the demise of Spider-Man 4.

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