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A Little More From Stellan Skarsgard On Why He Joined The Cast Of Thor, 30 December 2010
By Josh Wilding

The actor, who plays Professor Andrews in the upcoming Marvel Studios blockbuster, talks briefly about what exactly made him decide to join the cast of a comic book movie and what it was like working with Kenneth Branagh...

In an interview about his role in the English-language adaptation of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' and his newest Swedish-language film, 'A Somewhat Gentle Man', the actor was once again quizzed about his role in Marvel Studios' 'Thor' and what it was that made him decide to accept a role in a comic book movie.

"I chose 'Thor' because of director Kenneth Branagh. The script was nice and we got to rehearse and talk to the writers and do some collaborating in the process to make it fit us. So I had a very happy time on it. What I always try to do is immediately do something I just havenít done so I get variation in my life. Iíve made about 90 films and if I did the same thing over and over again I would be bored by now. I try to pick different films, I go and do those big ones and having done that I can usually afford to go and do some really small obscure films and experiment a little."

Thor stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins with a release date set for May 4, 2011 in 3D!


Excerpt from: Stellan Skarsgard Exclusive Interview; Talks THOR..., 29 December 2010
By Christina Radish

What was it like to be a part of a production as big as Thor?

SKARSGARD: I had a great time. I also had a great director there. Kenneth Branagh is one of the funniest directors on the set. You laugh a lot. Heís very skillful. We were also allowed to have rehearsals before we started, and discuss the writing and change the scenes. It felt like you were invited to a very nice collaboration. Itís another film done in the real world, where my scenes are.

Who do you play in the film and how does your character, Professor Andrews, fit in with the mythology of the story?

SKARSGARD: Me and Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings are doing research on strange atmospheric and space stuff going on in the sky in New Mexico. And then, we meet Thor.

Did you watch all of the Marvel movies to get ready for the film? Had you been familiar with the characters at all?

SKARSGARD: No, I havenít [watched the movies]. Thatís not the kind of homework I did. Iím not sure that would have helped. And, I was not familiar with Thor at all, when I started, but I became familiar. They gave me comic books and stuff, and [Kenneth Branagh] educated me.

What is your take on the popularity of comic book movies?

SKARSGARD: I donít know, since I havenít seen them. But, itís something that is a part of modern mythology. Every culture has their myths that people are aware of and share. They vary throughout the ages, but in America, itís those myths.

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