Exclusive: Chris Hemsworth on Thor!

Superherohype.com, 14 May 2010
By Scott Huver

The countdown is on to hammer time for Chris Hemsworth! The big screen adaptation of 'Thor' is a year away from hitting theaters and--thanks to some intriguing teases in 'Iron Man 2'--buzz is already building for director Kenneth Branaghís version of Marvelís mighty one. SuperHeroHype snagged a quick minute--literally--with leading man Hemsworth at the Australians In Film Breakthrough Awards bash, where the 6í3Ē actor was honored for being the next big thing from Down Under, and found him thunderstruck about having just wrapped filming as the God of Thunder.

SuperHeroHype: After the big build-up in "Iron Man 2," are you totally pumped for Thor to hit theaters next year?

Chris Hemsworth: Absolutely! I just finished shooting last Thursday, and saw "Iron Man 2" the other day--which I loved--and saw the tag at the end. I was with a bunch of mates and we all got kind of giddy watching it. I canít wait! It was such an incredible four months shooting that film, and I think the filmís going to be fantastic.

SHH: Weíve finally seen you in the costume. How did it feel to have the Thor costume on Ė the very first time, and for four months?

Hemsworth: [Laugh] Yeah, right! Okay, exactly Ė I put the thing on and said "Itís not very comfortable, but it looks amazing, so itís all good." And then a couple of weeks in, I thought "Itís getting more and more uncomfortable," and at the end of three, four months it was a pretty difficult thing to wake up and put on every morning. But itís sells such an image in the picture. It does a lot of the work for you.

SHH: And what was your take on Thor Ė how did you see him, as you wanted to play him?

Hemsworth: We just kept trying to humanize it all, and keep it very real. Look into all the research about the comic books that we could, but also bring it back to "Who is this guy as a person, and whatís his relationship with people in the individual scenes?" And working with someone like Kenneth Branagh, who has all those bases covered and has so many ideas, it was a hell of a time!

SHH: And lots of hammer training.

Hemsworth: [Laughs] Oh yeah!

Thor hits theaters on May 6, 2011.

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