Kenneth Branagh on 'Thor: The Dark World'

Yahoo Movies, 23 January 2014
By Gregory Wakeman

Kenneth Branagh has revealed that he really enjoyed 'Thor: The Dark World,' even though he was replaced by Alan Taylor on directing duties for the sequel.

The charmingly polite Englishman told Total Film as he promoted 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, "I really liked what they did." However, the director still clearly holds an affinity to the franchise, and after he confirmed that he had enjoyed, 'Thor: The Dark World,' he was also asked if he would have taken the film in the same direction if he'd been in charge.

"I think I inevitably would have headed in a different direction, because there are so many variants and possibilities on those stories," he stated.

Branagh also noted how he and his creative team came face to face with the same conundrum when they were in pre-production on the 'Dark World's' predecessor.

"I remember when we were doing the first one, literally deciding who was going to be in it, which worlds and realms we'd pick, it took a long, long time," he noted. "There was much to sift through. The choices were almost infinite."

Branagh helmed 'Thor's' origin tale back in 2011, and he received mostly positive reviews for his take on the character.

However, despite the film's box office success, Marvel and the English acting legend decided to go their separate ways for the follow-up. He later admitted that the studio's desire to start the script process immediately and a long shooting commitment as the reasons for his departure.

Branagh certainly did an okay job on 'Thor,' as he provided a Shakespearean weight and pomposity to the tale that still reverberated in Taylor's sequel. However, he struggled when the action moved onto Earth, and while he certainly deserved a second whack at the franchise, hindsight shows that Taylor was able to take 'Thor' to a more entertaining and consistent level that I'm not sure Branagh could have reached.

Did you enjoy 'Thor: The Dark World'? Did you prefer it to its original?

Gregory Wakeman is a Marvel movie enthusiast who was blown away by 'Thor: The Dark World', and wishes that Tom Hiddleston would be his BFF.

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