Kenneth Branagh Wallander Wins BAFTA Again
Branagh wins 2010 BAFTA Award for Leading Actor for role as Swedish detective

Hollywood Today, 7 June 2010
By Robin Rowe

For the second year in a row, Kenneth Branagh got to take home one of Britainís highest television honors for Wallander. The detective series won last yearís BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series. It also took 2009 best TV series won Best Production Design, Best Photography, and Best Original Television Music. One award he didnít get was for Leading Actor. Like a bowler who left one pin standing, Branagh came back to take the 2010 BAFTA for Leading Actor.

Branagh, whoís both the lead and executive producer of Wallander, was unable to receive the award personally, as he was in America directing. Wallander executive producer Andy Harris accepted the award for him. ďKen will be absolutely thrilled and massively disappointed heís not here to pick it up in person,Ē says Harris. ďHeís asked me to read a few words, which Iím happy to do. But, I have to say, Iíve just had my eyes lasered.Ē After the laughter from the audience subsided, Harris read a charming note from Branagh thanking his team, the crew in Sweden, the BBC, and the audience.

Wallander is produced by Zodiak Entertainment subsidiary Yellowbird in conjunction with the BBC. In America, Wallander broadcasts on PBS. Last month, I reported in an exclusive interview that Zodiak was on itís way to becoming the third largest TV producer in the world with the acquisition of reality television producer RDF (Wife Swap, The Price of Beauty). Zodiak last week completed that deal, acquiring 71% of RDF for an estimated investment of $1 billion.

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