'My Week With Marilyn' Musical: Guess Who Wants to Costar With Katy Perry

E! Online, 19 December 2011
By Marc Malkin

We're still waiting to hear if Katy Perry would want to star in a musical Broadway adaptation of 'My Week With Marilyn'. However, we do know of one megastar who wants to be in the show with her...

Kenneth Branagh, who has been picking up mucho awards season accolades for his work in the flick as Sir Laurence Olivier, is keen on recreating his movie alter ego for the stage.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that I broke the news that Weinstein Company honcho Harvey Weinstein would love to have Perry headline a Marilyn musical.

"I think if Harvey sees it as a musical, then I think there's going to be something amazing come out of it," Branagh told me the other day. "And if Katy was going to do it, I think that there'd have to be something amazing come out of that, too.

"I expect a call," he continued. "I'm available. I've got my dancing shoes in the cupboard. I haven't used them in a while, though, and I'll start the singing lessons now."

One thing he won't be doing is directing the sequel to his huge megahit Thor. Not that he wasn't asked.

"When they announced it, it involved me getting straight back into it," Branagh said. "It was exciting and unbelievably thrilling that a second movie was going to be made. It was a tough decision...It became something that was a combination of timing and tough choices."

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