Sir Kenneth Branagh Feared Hurting Royal Dogs

Stourbridge News, 22 January 2014

Actor/director Sir Kenneth Branagh was terrified he would upset Queen Elizabeth II by kneeling on her beloved corgi dogs when he was knighted at Buckingham Palace.

The Harry Potter actor was awarded the prestigious honour in November, 2012 for his illustrious career, but when he attended the glitzy ceremony in London, he was convinced he would embarrass himself by accidentally hurting the monarch's pets.

Branagh tells talk show host Graham Norton, "It was pretty amazing. We had an amazing day - going to Buckingham Palace is quite something - but I was terrified. Terrified of stepping on dogs, the corgis are everywhere, so I was quite nervous of kneeling on one...

"I have no idea (what the Queen said to me), I was so nervous. It was a kind of dream and I couldn't believe it was happening. I was just thrilled that I managed to stand up!"

Recipients of the honour are traditionally asked to kneel as they are knighted.

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