Branagh Forgets His Welsh Links

South Wales Evening Post, 25 February 2008

A Gorseinon couple have good reason to be shirty with Kenneth Branagh after loaning him a pair of cufflinks he forgot to give back. Branagh was whisked to Saturday's premiere in a limo, but before he walked down the red carpet he realised he had forgotten his cufflinks.

Phillip and Anne Sillick overheard the dilemma and got a pair from their Loughor Road home. But once the screening was over and Branagh had posed for photos and signed autographs, he was whisked away before he could return the items.

"I don't know if I'll ever get them back, but I'm not complaining," added Anne. "In a way, it's quite an honour to know he has them."

Letter to This Is South Wales in response to this story:

27 February 2008

"I refer to Ben Wright's article in the Evening Post on February 25, in which he refers to my wife Anne and I as being "shirty" over lending this famous star a pair of cuff-links.

The truth is quite the opposite, we were asked if I had a pair of cuff-links to lend him, as he had forgotten his own. It was an honour to be on hand and oblige with this request. Had the actor been unable to return the silver cuff-links it would not have been a problem, but they have been returned with his kind wishes.

All those who met him on Saturday evening remarked how much of a gentleman he was, he also found time to chat and sign autographs to those who requested this of him. Everyone in Loughor Road was pleased to see him.

Phillip and Anne Sillick"

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