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Hi, welcome to the Ken-Friends list, an e-mail discussion group dedicated to any and all things Branagh. Created in mid-1996, by Ngoc Vu, it is intended to allow Ken fans (the coolest people in the world, of course) a forum to discuss his work, get information and updates on upcoming projects and appearances, meet other fans and engage in amusing, intellectually-stimulating and random Ken chat. The current moderators are Jane and Marilyn, and like Ngoc, they are generally laid-back and quite mellow in moderating style, as long as list guidelines (which aren't too strict) are adhered to as closely as possible. So, without further ado, attached is the template for the Kenneth Branagh Mailing List which includes features of the list, rules, tips for posting and general guidelines. We know it's really long, and for this we apologize, but we promise it'll answer any questions you might have and help you get acquainted with how the list runs. Please read it and let us know of any further questions/concerns you might have.

Hope you enjoy the list!



The Ken-Friends list is hosted by You will find it under Ken-list at:

1. This list is run via an automated listserv, which means that when you send a message (or "post") to the list address (, it bounces off a reflector and is sent to everyone who is subscribed to the list. Messages from the list are denoted with a [KB] in the subject header, which will help you sort out list mail from other types of mail.

Posting Rules/Guidelines:

We hate to enforce rules, but an occasionally high-traffic list such as this one requires a few guidelines so that things run smoothly. Many people leave lists due to high volume, so it's important that we do our best to limit the amount of frivolous, unnecessary mail from clogging up mailboxes. Keeping these guidelines in mind will cut down on the number of posts:

1. Please restrict conversation to Ken's PROFESSIONAL WORK. We know how much he values his privacy, and to respect this his personal life shouldn't be analyzed or speculated on by 300+ people on a public distribution list. So please refrain from personal gossip and use common sense to decide what is and is not appropriate discussion material.

2. Combine responses to posts into ONE message, if possible, especially if you frequently post 4-5 times in succession a day.

3. Try to refrain from one-line posts. EXAMPLE: Posts that consist of just "Yeah, I agree!" or a similar brief comment should perhaps be sent only to the original poster with whom you're agreeing, not to the entire list.

4. Change subject header accordingly as thread content changes. Discussion of one topic frequently meanders into other areas, and this should be indicated in the subject header--this helps those who are only interested in certain topics of discussion.

5. Off-topic messages (anything unrelated to Ken) should contain an "OT:" warning in the header. We don't mind the occasional off-topic post, especially when there's a lack of Ken material to discuss, but generally try to refrain from getting carried away with OT threads. If you're really interested in an OT thread, continue correspondence with the person who originally brought it up.

6. Personal e-mails should be done OFF-LIST. This includes address requests and off-topic responses.

7. Try to keep profanity to a minimum. We don't mind it in general, but in the interest of not offending any one of the *MANY* people on this list, we'll try to behave according to polite societal norms.

8. Absolutely no attachments (especially image or sound files) or off-topic forwards should be sent to the list.

Please try as best you can to adhere to the above guidelines. They really do help in maintaining an efficient list where everyone is kept as happy as possible. And we don't mind the occasional slip, just as long as things don't get out of hand. Once in a while we'll send out a gentle reminder to the list if we sense that we're slacking off, but for the most part we're usually happy with the way the list is running. We've got a great bunch of witty, smart, warm people, and thus far list life has been very happy and quite smurfy. :) That said, repeat offenders WILL be warned and dealt with appropriately.


Newbie Notes

So you're a newbie (new member) and you feel lost, dazed and confused...what to do? Well, we'd suggest you read for a couple days and see how the list works, especially if you're never been on a mailing list before. Then, if you'd rather just lurk in the shadows and soak up information/discussion quietly, that's great. But if you'd like to participate, by all means jump in! Starting off with an introduction is always nice, maybe tell us a bit about yourself, what your interests are, your favorite Ken movies, etc. To minimize newbie confusion, here are some commonly-used abbreviations on the list:

LOL - Laughing out loud
ROTFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
BTW - by the way
IMO - in my opinion
KB - Ken Branagh (also referred to as "our boy", "our Ken", "the Kenster", "Himself", etc. :-) )

Films, plays, television (in alphabetical order):

5C&I - Five Children and It AYLI - As You Like It
AMITC - A Month in the Country
AMT - A Midwinter's Tale (American name)
CoS (or HP2) - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
CT - Coming Through
DA - Dead Again
DOTN - Death on the Nile
GBM (or TGBM) - The Gingerbread Man
HP2 (or CoS) - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
HS - High Season
HTKYND - How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog
HV or H5 - Henry V
ITBM - In the Bleak Midwinter (European name)
LBIA - Look Back in Anger
LLL - Love's Labour's Lost
MAAN - Much Ado About Nothing
MOTOE - Murderon the Orient Express
MSF - Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
PF - Peter's Friends
RPF - Rabbit-Proof Fence
RTED - The Road to El Dorado
S2S - Schneider's 2nd Stage
SOAG - Shadow of a Gunman
TBITB - The Boy in the Bush also can drop "the" and be BITB
The Billy Plays - Too Late to Talk to Billy, A Matter of Choice for Billy, A Coming to Terms for Billy, and Lorna.
TGBM (or GBM) - The Gingerbread Man
TLNFB - The Lady's Not for Burning
TMF - The Magic Flute
ToF - The Theory of Flight
TPWIW - The Play What I Wrote WS - Warm Springs WWD - Walking with Dinosaurs
WWW - Wild Wild West

Our (long, colourful and storied) history also includes us referring to ourselves as "smushies", to Oscar voters as "crack-smoking loons" and media Ken-bashers as "journalistic hacks". :-)

So that's about it--many thanks for wading through this brief novel. :-) And welcome to the list, we're most glad to have you and hope you have tons of fun with us!

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