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Official Website

Official Thor trailer - Version 1

Official French Thor site - slightly different trailer


New Thor poster

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New Thor banner

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First location pictures taken in Galisteo, NM outside of Thor Set, Beforethetrailer.com, 19 March 2010

Model shot of Destroyer

Images from the ET Thor set visit

First view of Thor

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Concept art for Thor

Thor, Odin and Loki

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Thor and Odin

Thor and The Hammer

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Construction of the Marvel Studios Booth at Comic-Con 2010, ComicBookResources, 21 July 2010

Helmets from Thor at Comic-Con 2010

Detailed views of the Helmets from Thor at Comic-Con 2010, ComicBookResources, 23 July 2010

Photos from the Thor panel at Comic-Con 2010

More photos from Comic-Con 2010

Two international posters for Thor

Kenneth Branagh in director mode

Thor Press Conference in Paris

Thor Press Conference in London

Online Media

Video of the Comic-Con Thor panel - Part 1
Video of the Comic-Con Thor panel - Part 2
Video of the Comic-Con Thor panel - Part 3
Video of the Comic-Con Thor panel - Part 4

Video of the Comic-Con Thor "signing" event

Comic Con Interview: Kenneth Branagh And Kevin Feige Talk Thor, at Cinemablend.com

G4TV interview with Kenneth Branagh at Comic-Con 2010

Fandango.com interview with Kenneth Branagh at Comic-Con 2010

Kenneth Branagh talks about directing Marvel's THOR at San Diego Comic-Con 2010

Kenneth Branagh signing autographs at Comic-Con 2010

Short interview with Kenneth Branagh at Comic-Con 2010

Video from the Empire & BFI Movie Con III

Empire video of the Movie Con Thor panel

Behind the scenes footage from Thor

ThorKenneth Branagh, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston at Claridges Hotel on 11 April 2011 in London, England I SuperPopINTERVIEWS

ThorKenneth Branagh, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston at Claridges Hotel on 11 April 2011 in London, England II SuperPopINTERVIEWS

ThorKenneth Branagh, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston at Claridges Hotel on 11 April 2011 in London, England III SuperPopINTERVIEWS

Thor World Wide Movie Premiere, Sydney Australia (Interview with Kenneth Branagh at minute 12:30)

Short clips from Thor World Wide Movie Premiere, Sydney Australia

10 Mins. Behind the Scenes of THOR, Mania.com

THOR Featurette #1 - behind the scenes, MarvelFreshmanTV (links to 4 other featurettes)

Kenneth Branagh Brings "Thor" to the Big Screen: Martha Teichner profiles Kenneth Branagh, CBSNews.com

Kenneth Branagh - With Great Power Extended Interviews, Stan Lee's World of Heroes

  Reviews and Articles (Spoiler Alert)

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The Hollywood Risk Equation: Would You Have Hired Kenneth Branagh to Direct 'Thor'?, Los Angeles Times, 2 June 2011
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Pre-Premiere Articles

Acting With the Gods, The Age, 16 April 2011
‘Thor’: Foo Fighters Take a ‘Walk’ With Marvel Film, Los Angeles Times, 15 April 2011
Thor: Thunder Struck, New Zealand Herald, 14 April 2011
Kenneth Branagh on 'Thor': 'Commercial Gods Will Have to Decide Whether It's a Success', The Hollywood Reporter, 13 April 2011
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Marvel Presentation From Movie Con, Comicbookmovie.com, 14 August 2010
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'Thor' Footage Reveals Anthony Hopkins As Odin, Confirms Chris Hemsworth's Costume, MTV.com, 10 June 2010
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